1) The Blacknbold Fashion House is

a fashion organization that is involved in fashion events, fashion exhibitions, fashion workshops; modelling, ushering and the likes.

2) The  primary aim Blacknbold Fashion House is to  promote and exhibit student entrepreneurs in the fashion industry especially as it concerns their creativity.

3) Last year, Blacknbold Fashion House organized the first fashion show in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

4) The fashion show  was tagged ‘The Ife Runway Fashion Show’

5) The Ife Runway Fashion Show held on October 15, 2011 at the Architechtural Studio, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

4) The Ife Runway Fashion Show saw  to  the exhibition of over fifteen student designers.

5) The items displayed at The Ife Runway Fashion Show  include: an array of stylish clothes, footwears,
accessories, make up, and hair.

6) The Ife Runway Fashion Show, 2011 was graced by elegant ‘fashionistaz’ from within and outside OAU.

7)  The Ife Runway Fashion Show, 2011was spiced with creativity and style.

8) Blacknbold Fashion House is taking a giant step this year as it promises  a bigger and better fashion show.

9) Blacknbold Fashion House is partnering with Legendary Gold, the organizers of the Nigeria Fashion week for the second edition of Ife Runway Fashion Show.

10) The second edition of The Ife Runway Fashion Show is scheduled to come up on the September 8, 2012 and it is proudly powered by Blacknbold Fashion House and major
media houses across the country.

11) This year’s edition of The Ife Runway Fashion Show promises to showcase the creative and excellent works of student designers from all over Nigeria and outside our shores. Former OAU Alumni who are now famous in the industry will also be present to share their experiences so far in the industry.

12) The Ife Runway Fashion Show 2012 is one of this year’s MOST ANTICIPATED FASHION SHOW. You don’t want to miss it for anything.
For sponsorship, enquiries and
participation call: Tunrayo,08089077579; Biola,07031607412;Seun,08037479074 or Email:



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